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I guess I did Animal Crossing Bells not think of them as events. That's just become the theme of the recipes from the balloons: Spring had bamboo-themed recipes.

Easter was absurd though, no disagreements here.

You have summed up pretty nicely how I feel about the match. Once I realised I did not care about decorating my home or speaking to villagers, and that's what the entire match is, I gave up.

I think my changing taste in games also contributed a large part in my lack of curiosity about the most AC entry, but you are right. If you don't enjoy making the town/your house look nice there really isn't a lot to do besides finish the museum yet again.

Oddly enough, what that I missed most about this match was that the mundanity of this. I didn't play much of the following entries, but I adored booting up that first GC game and only watering my plants, speaking to my villagers, and assessing out the store. It was so simple and so relaxing. I would look forward to in-game events for a whole week, or be so excited when a guest NPC was on the island.

Of an entire island has been too much. Suddenly, the island aesthetic was my job. Where before, a wonky copse of trees or a poorly-placed path was exactly the way life was, now it is very my job to fix it. And not only fix it, but also make it immaculate. To be an attraction. For a tourist destination.

And I don't want that. I would like a cute little home and a daily regimen, with a group of fun neighbours (and maybe one or two that are jerks, but hey, that's life). It got too complicated.

I don't think that's too odd. Out maximum storage again.Fr & I cant add a new home Rn when I'm terraforming. Most of my villagers are already on the shore lmao

Oh my Gosh they really introduced new eye colours and skin tones... was hoping for it for quite a while, did not think it would finally happen for Halloween!I simply made a haunted path for my island which was sort of lacking, this would be perfect!I only got the game for my birthday a few days ago and my absolute dream would be to have the spookiest, most haunted, and many goth island of buy New Horizons Items them all, and this will help a lot. I am so excited.alloweens gonna be bizarre for southern hemi players because cherry blossom begin around that time.

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