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Here's a question that I should probably ask a physiotherapist but since I usually get good information here I'm asking here first. There might be physiotherapists on the forum anyway.
During longer rides the front part of the outside of my right foot starts hurting. When I look down i get the feeling I tilt my foot outwards, so instead of putting my foot straight down the outside is lower than the inside. In addition to this, I notice that in daily life I tend to point my toes outwards a lot when sitting standing and walking. It's more noticeable in my right foot compared to my my left foot. Today in the gym I looked down at my leg and noticed that if I try to pedal with my foot straight down my knee moves inwards, when my knee is straight my lower leg is now in line with my upper leg anymore.
What's going on here? All in all this is quite a description, I sure hope we can doctor-patient confidentiality!

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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