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 Pranešimo tema: Problems with Halfords bike
StandartinėParašytas: 2018 Sau 31 16:38 

Užsiregistravo: 2017 Lap 17 15:52
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Hi all need some advice/clarification so I can go to the store on Saturday to return my faulty bike.

Bit of background I bought the bike 30/08/09 today is the 17th September.
I had the bike 2 trips 4 miles in total and got flat tyre. Ok no harm no foul repaired the tyre after a week, pump i bought from halfords didnt work.( thats another story lol).

Ok 4 miles so far back and forward to work. Since i got the bike I cannot use well basically any of the gears. I have it set on 2 as this is the only one that it doesnt slip that often.. I cannot stand up on the bike to pedal which if im going uphill etc is required as everytime you use either higher or lower gear the bike is jumping and causing injury( knees knocking aginst the frame/hitting the ground). You can hear it constantly trying to jump to another gear. I thought ok i can just use it on gear 2 as its ok enough but why should I its clearly faulty or their so called customer service when build up the bike have done a half assed job.

Today to top it up nearly got thrown of the bike. the handlebars complety twisted backwards whilst i was crossing the road at work the sudden shock/movement nearly threw me off. the handbars now can freely move left to right and are loose/dangerous.

Reason for the post is im looking for people who have had same issue with bikes/halfords and my rights. From what i can see the bike is clearly not fit for purpose. its a 21 gear bike which they dont work and thebike is risky to use. From what i have read online I am entitled to take the item back to halfords for reimbursment in full being I have notified them within ( a reasonable amount of time) ie 2.5 weeks and as soon as faults/danger has happened.

Just looking for clarification if i am right and can ask them for full refund of amount( they can deduct amount less the amount of time i have had use of the bike aparently). I just see lots of stuff online about halfords and their poor customer service and would rather go in their friendly but knowing all my rights cause to be honest I have no intention of buying or replacing the bike from their store I would rather use a smaller independant retailer who seem to have a lot better reputation.

Any suggestions?
Please help.

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