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A bike for Life - Titanimum/Steel/Carbon ...?
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Autorius:  JoeClark [ 2018 Bal 05 18:10 ]
Pranešimo tema:  A bike for Life - Titanimum/Steel/Carbon ...?


So, I turn 50 next year and am *hoping to be able to treat myself to a nice bike that I can keep for 10-20 years ...
(It would be a 'gravel'/'adventure' type bike, with drop bars ... I know this should really go in the road<cyclocross section, but I'm coming at this primarily as an MTB'er at heart; my query is about frame material, and as I spend most of my Bikeradar time here, generally feel I'll get some good advice here ...)
I've always been restricted by budget to fairly modest bikes (and certainly don't have lots of money to spend on this 'treat', which will likely be used rather than new), so have been limited to aluminium or cheap steel MTB's / CX bikes in the past. As I'm in the market for something a bit nicer, what should I be looking for in terms of frame material.
I think my number one choice would be Titanium, but is it a 'frame for life' (is it going to withstand 10-20 years of off-road abuse?) How does it compare in terms of comfort and weight?
And what are the differences between 'budget' Ti and the more premium end? Are all Ti frames created equal, or are, for example, the On One Pickenflick / Sonder Camino Ti frames of a lower quality than say the Kinesis ATR?
What about Carbon? Strong and light, I get, but could I reasonably expect to get 15-20 years out of a carbon frame? Is it going to be suitable for bike-packing etc?
And what about Steel? Can you get a Steel frame that is in spitting distance of other materials in terms of weight? I'm not looking for the lightest bike, but unless there is a reasonable difference between the weight of this bike and my current one (Saracen Hack) then is there much point? (I realise part of the weight consideration is in having better quality & lighter components).
Or should I stick with quality Aluminium? The new Kinesis Tripster AT Al (or the Crosslight Disc) would be potential contenders, but do they offer enough advantage over what I already have? Are they going to last 15+ years?

Please help.

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