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Speedometer issues
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Autorius:  davefollmers [ 2018 Kov 13 16:03 ]
Pranešimo tema:  Speedometer issues


I recently purchased a Rieju RS3 50cc motorbike second hand, the bike was in great condition and had barely any problems. when we got home from picking up the bike my brother had a go on it (as he has had a phew years exp. on bikes) and he said everything felt and looked good, anyway about a week later I get on and I notice the speedometer isint working,
To turn the bike on i have to turn a switch on under the main seat, kind of like a master switch. after this i nee to put the key in and start the bike, now when i do this all the lights turn on (fuel light, engine warnig light etc.)now on my bike the rev counter is a anolog display and the speedometer and trip times and max speed travvelled etc are on a digital display.so when i turn on my bikes engine and begin to go everything works apart from the speedometer, it just stays at 0 as though i am sat still

please help

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https://www.themotorbikeforum.co.uk/vie ... hp?t=65875
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